Hope? You’ll Raise Money.

Gifts don’t spring eternal. Hope does.

Are you giving your prospects hope? Things can be pretty bad. They know it, and you might do a good job showing them how bad it can be for someone you’re serving.

But they want hope.

Just think, your average donor may or may not like his or her job. The average donor might or might not like his or her spouse, car, pets, house… The average donor might not have a lot of hope in his or her day-to-day life.

That’s where you come in.

You, your mission, those you serve… give your donor hope.

Providing hope for something new, something right, something that makes a difference in a life may be all your donor needs to get through the day.

And they’ll pay for it… with a gift to your organization.

So spring hope eternally when you communicate with your donors. They’ll pay you with a gift.

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