Fundraising writing is disposable.

Fundraising writing is disposable.

Think of it… nobody – except maybe your mother – is saving all the solicitations you send as part of the serialized “Great American Fundraising Story.”

Your letter is received – acted upon in some way – then thrown away. Yes, you compose “disposable writing.”

Should you care? Not really.

The important question is when it’s thrown out. You want your donor to keep it long enough to act. Ideally you want your donor to keep your letter long enough to…

• Reveal your message.
• Look for the gift vehicle.
• Send you a gift.

Then it’s okay to toss that letter! Its job is done.

But at the end do you hope (or care) that your prospect keeps the letter? No. You only care if the letter lasts long enough to trigger the gift.

Write so that the job gets done… nothing less, and nothing more.

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