Hugg’s Monthly Tip: No deposits, no returns

Hugg's Monthly TipDid you make a deposit into your “interview bank”? An interview bank is a collection of interviews of clients, staff, volunteers, community members who discuss various aspects of your nonprofit. You probably don’t need them now, but having some interviews completed and “on the shelf” is a great help when the crunch is on for a solicitation letters, marketing material, web copy, blog postings, magazine article, newsletter or more.

Your job this month? Make a deposit into the Bank. Consider putting a monthly “direct deposit” in your calendar. You’ll be earning interest in no time!

3 thoughts on “Hugg’s Monthly Tip: No deposits, no returns

  1. Matt – This is a great idea!! We have this problem all the time… and no real recorders or writers except me. I believe we should all go spend some time with program staff, volunteers and donors and capture stories for the bank! Any other great ideas for obtaining these?

    • For fundraisers this is tough, because most executive directors and program staff see your job as being “out” getting money not “in” getting stories. Yet harvesting stories throughout your organization can be great relationship builders with people BEFORE you need them.

      This might be where to “power of coffee” comes in. Try scheduling some coffee meetings – off site if possible, maybe before work – each month with your organization’s interesting subjects. For the cost of two cups and a scone you might get some pretty good stories!

      Good luck.


  2. Love this, Matt! And very true. Nothing gives more inspiration when you’re on deadline at 3 am than someone else’s voice saying why your organization is wonderful! Also a great way to stay in touch with those who care most about your nonprofit.

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