Worth Considering: Have you SEO’ed your website lately?

Worth Considering from Matt HuggI’m sure that you have a web site. Almost every organization does. It’s a great way to let the public know about your fine mission, and it’s much less expensive and “greener” than printing reams of paper brochures.

But if someone didn’t know you existed, how would they find you?

Easy, right?  Google, Yahoo or another search engine. But if you’re a nonprofit, you probably decided not to pay for search engine listings. So how do you improve the chances of being found?

Search Engine Optimization. At its most basic level, it’s embedding “keywords,” descriptions of your programs, into the code of your web site to help your client’s and donor’s search engine find you.  Taking it a short step further? Use those keywords in the text of your web site.

How do you identify these words? Yes, some imagination helps. What describes your processes or services that you might think that people use in a search engine? But you can be more systematic, too. Type “keywords” into Google or yahoo and you’ll come up with each search engine’s keyword tool, and many others. There you’re able to input words and phrases and actually see their frequency of use in searches relative to others words.

I used this method to help select the name of my business. Both “fundraising” and “talent” were high scoring words. At least it gives me an edge compared to competitor’s business names.

So, where does copywriting come in? Once you establish the words that your clients and donors search, write copy to capture those words. The challenge is to sound authentic to your mission while using the keywords.

This just scratches the surface, however. Search Engine Optimization is more than that. There’s using tools like Google Analytics and more. But making sure that your copy is “keyword rich” is a big step in the right direction.

Of course, I’m biased. I write web site copy that makes your site keyword rich. But whether you use my services or do the work in-house, know that having a web site is really the easy part. Making it found is the real challenge.


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