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I don’t usually “shill” for other’s products, and I’m not getting paid to do this (or getting anything on their sales), but I got an email from Neo Direct saying that they’re selling their NEO 2 product for price for $119, and I wanted to let you know. (I think I paid $249 when I bought mine a few years ago).


The NEO 2 is a dedicated typing machine. That’s all it does. No internet or email. No apps or utilities (although it does have a spell checker and word count feature.) It has a really good keyboard and a six line screen – and you get things done.

I use my NEO for first drafts of all sorts of documents. Once the basics are complete, I sent it over to my PC for editing and “clean-up.”

The whole concept of a dedicated typing machine might seem a bit “retro” but I find that having a single function tool really boosts my productivity.

(By the way… if you DO get one, don’t bother with the rechargeable one. Like I said, I’ve had mine for years, and maybe changed the batteries twice, three times? The device instantly turns on (no boot time) and uses almost no power. Three AA size batteries is all you need.)

Check it out here:

Best wishes for a productive day.


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