Hugg’s Monthly Tip: All they ever do is ask.

Hugg's Monthly TipAll they ever do is ask. How many times have you heard a donor say “all they ever do is ask for money…”?  To me, that’s music! Not because I write fundraising letters, but because too many organizations never ask enough. “We don’t want to offend our donors” they say (not you, of course, the nonprofit next door.)  The answer is not to ask less, but communicate more about other things. Often the problem is that while the development staff is cranking out solicitations, they’re not coordinated with the other parts of the organization that puts out news and information. So, this month, set a meeting with whoever is responsible for the rest of the information besides fundraising and set a schedule that asks for, and tells about your organization’s mission. It could be that no ask could be your best ask.

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