Worth Considering: You still need a brochure.

Worth Considering from Matt HuggNo, I’m not a shill for the paper printing industry. I really do believe that you need more than a web site to tell the story of your organization. You need a brochure.

Yes, I can hear you now – you’re so 1980’s, Matt. But let’s look at how computers can’t be used:

  • You can’t put a computer in a brochure rack
  • You can’t put a computer in an envelope
  • You can’t put a computer on a table at a meeting as a “take away.”
  • You can’t give out computers at a gathering of supporters
  • Yes, you CAN put a computer in your pocket, but will you give it away for free so that someone learns about your organization?

I’m sure that there’s more.

But the point is that computers will only take us so far. At some point we need to rely on “low tech” solutions, like a brochure.

Of course, I’m biased. I write brochure copy for my clients. But whether you use my services, or do the work in-house, having materials such as brochures is an important part of getting your message out to your constituents, and getting volunteers, and money, in.

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