Hugg’s Monthly Tip: Did you blog about that?

Hugg's Monthly TipDid you blog about that? Even today, when the value of blogging is a proven way to get friends, old and new, to notice your organization, I get rolled eyes when I suggest that someone blog. That’s because unless they’re doing it, the next thought that flashes through someone’s mind is “I don’t have time for that!”

Take heart… A blog doesn’t have to be written by one person in your organization. It can be several of you. You might even farm it out to someone outside who can “speak your language.” Plus, I haven’t even talked about how you can “bank” some blogs for future use.

Just remember, whoever blogs – or Tweets – or posts – in these days of “barely enough time” for you and your friends, it’s those short, ongoing, meaningful messages keeps you top-of-mind with your most important advocates.

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