Hugg’s Monthly Tip: Join AFP.

Hugg's Monthly TipJoin AFP. Join your local chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (

Here in Philadelphia the local chapter ( has something special going on that if you’re anywhere within driving distance you need to know about. It’s called “The Big Idea.”

The Big Idea is simple. All regular programs are free to members of the chapter. Yes, if you paid your chapter dues, you get in chapter programs without charge. [Sorry, it’s not including Franklin Forum and National Philanthropy Day, but it’s still more than 12 programs from morning networking activities to half day seminars.]

For regular members, this is well over $1000 of programming for the $400 dues. You’re at least doubling your benefit from the investment.

For “Young Members,” under 30 years old, it’s even bigger. That’s because the Young Members annual dues is only $75!

All of this programming is on top of the online resources, webinars, magazine and more that the International organization offers.

Okay, full disclosure… I’m not only excited because of the great opportunity, but I’m on the Greater Philadelphia AFP chapter’s board, and I’m the Vice President for Membership this year. So the more people who join, the better I’ll look [and I’ll look pretty bad if membership doesn’t go up with such a sweet deal!].

Most important, though, is that you take advantage of the learning opportunities that your local AFP chapter has to offer. Even if your employer doesn’t pay the dues, even if your chapter isn’t doing “The Big Idea” [which, as we understand, is a Philadelphia exclusive concept], you still should become a member – for your personal benefit and for all the great knowledge and connections you’ll bring to your organization.

So get out there and join!

(go to to find your chapter, or for Philadelphia)

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