Hugg’s Monthly Tip: Roar like a lion

Hugg's Monthly TipMarch is suppose to “come in like a lion and leave like a lamb,” but in my experience most nonprofits stay lamb-like all the year-long!

My tip this month? Get out there and roar!

Do you think your mission is important? Do you think your mission is vital to the well being of those you serve? Do you think your mission should be top-of-mind for every donor, every day?

Did you say “yes” to yourself? Say it aloud, don’t be embarrassed. Try it again: yes. Wait, was that a whisper? Shout it out: YES!

Now, why don’t your solicitations get that kind of response? Probably because they’re meek as a lamb.

Don’t be afraid to tell your donors like it is with those you serve. Did a young woman and her kids sleep in a car last night? Were owl eggs splattered all over the ground from trees that were bulldozed yesterday? Did a man tell you how much your play changed his life when he was at his lowest moment?

These things matter – to you, your organization and most important, to your donors. It’s what they want to hear… so get out there and roar!

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