Hugg’s Monthly Tip: Get into their heads

Hugg's Monthly TipThe tip this month is to “get into the head” of the people you serve. “Get in their head?” What’s that?

If you work with low income people, do you know what it’s like to buy a money order at a grocery store to pay your electric bill? If you work in higher education, have you gone to the bookstore to price out a typical semester’s worth of books? If you’re at a retirement facility, have you stuffed cotton in your ears to see what a day with limited hearing is all about.

I have a client who actually does something like this. They work with people who have mobility issues. Each staff member is encouraged to use a wheelchair once in a while so they can taste the life of their clients. It’s an eye-opening experience.

How does this relate to your fundraising? It’s about building empathy… and empathy makes you a better advocate for your mission – in your interaction with donors, in your proposals and in your letters and brochures

So get out there and get in their heads. You’ll never come out the same.


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