Hugg’s Monthly Tip: Any competitors? Yes.

Hugg's Monthly TipWho is the competitor that takes more charitable dollars from your organization than anyone else, year after year? Is it that nonprofit across town that does something like you do? Is it that big national organization that sucks up money like a vacuum after every disaster? Is it the tiny start-up that’s gaining traction because they got some great news coverage?

No. No. No.

It’s the “big box” store about a mile or two away.

Unless you’re on the trail of major gifts, most philanthropy comes from someone’s checkbook, not their savings account. When your prospect gets your letter and is inclined to give, does she see enough money in that checkbook to do everything she wants? No. She needs to make a decision… a decision like this… “hmmmm… new pair of shoes, or a gift to this charity….hmmmm.”

I don’t have a silver-bullet solution to helping you point that decision in your favor. But what I do know, is that most fundraisers, if they think about competition at all, aren’t thinking about the latest fashion trends.

So your tip this month? Start thinking about your prospects and donors and where they spend their money. Is it the flat screen TV, or you?

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