Hugg’s Monthly Tip: Are your donors on vacation… or is fundraising?

Hugg's Monthly TipIn our business – the business of soliciting funds – there seems to be an unwritten “truth” that soliciting in the summer produces poor results. We might be able to do a survey of 1000 nonprofits and find that yes, this is the case. But why?

It’s obvious, right? People go on vacations, their thoughts are on “summer” things and they only do the essentials, right? As a result, you make less solicitations in the summer.
Hmmmm… I’m not so sure. Are you getting less because they’re doing more, or is it simply that you’re asking less?

As Americans, we probably take the least amount of vacation than any other industrialized society… less than two weeks a year. I found when I did a lot of travel, that in the Northeast US where grade school traditionally starts after Labor Day, a lot of that summer vacation was in the last week or two of August. With those two weeks out, that leaves 12 of the 14 weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day when most folks are leading a relatively “normal” life.

I say mail! Don’t let your fundraising take a summer vacation. You could be surprised. But even if you’re not, you’re there when everyone else isn’t… and being top of mind is the most valuable place to be, for gifts today, and when they do give, tomorrow.

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