Hugg’s Monthly Tip: A new tool for your virtual toolbox

Hugg's Monthly Tip

I hope you don’t think that I “shill” for a particular product in my monthly missives, but this time I need to tell you about Evernote. (And don’t worry that I’m getting any commission for this… I’m not 🙁 )

In the last year I have become an Evernote convert. It’s meant a lot of scanning, but it also means finding things much more easily, too… all for about $5 per month.

As I’ve done this, I’ve been thinking about how if my clients had this tool, they’d be saving time in their proposals and other work. For example, Evernote is the perfect place for material like scanned copies of IRS letters, budget documents, marketing material and more that your funders want every time you submit for a grant.

Not only can you keep each document there, but you can easily share them between users on your staff – and (this is the real power of Evernote) tag each document for its potential uses. That budget could be tagged “budget,” “proposals,” “foundations,” and more.

With as much as is on your plate, a time-saving tool like Evernote could mean you get just a little more done – and raise a lot more – each year.

So try it out… and when you do, say “Matt sent me,” and listen for the response: “who?” 🙂 

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