Monthly Tip: Who gets your mail?

Hugg's Monthly Tip

Who gets your mail?

Do you need to mail to everyone in your database?

I have a number of clients who have nice size databases… and every letter I write for them goes to every name on the list… and surprise… not everyone gives.

I write fine letters for them (really!) But are we really surprised that everyone who gets one doesn’t give? No.

Most of the people didn’t give last time, or the time before that or before that. In fact, most of the names never made a gift since their first… more than five years ago!

Why waste money on the slim chance that you’ll be surprised with their first gift in a long while?

Don’t be. Save your money and send more mail to the ones who give most recently, less mail to the ones who give less… and the ones who never gave for a long while… they probably will never realize that you stopped mailing to them!

The results? You’ll definitely save money not mailing to folks who don’t care, and you’ll probably make more by increasing the number of mailings to the people that do.

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