Monthly Tip: The Eyes Have It

Hugg's Monthly Tip

The eyes have it.

Have a picture of someone in your solicitation? Look at their eyes. Where they look makes a difference.

We all know that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” right? Having a picture of your mission recipient is a powerful emotional “hook” in any direct mail piece. To make that photo yet more effective, the eyes need to be looking one of two ways… at the person reading the letter (makes sense, right?), or (get this!) at the solicitation line of the letter.

As social beings, we react to where we are directed by others like ourselves. If you see someone looking at something, you’re drawn to look there, too. So if the eyes of the mother you’re helping or the first violin of the orchestra you’re funding is looking at the “won’t you give $25 today” line, you will too.

So let the eyes have it… and let ’em help you raise you more money, too!

That picture could be worth more than a thousand words… it could be worth thousands of dollars, too!

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