Worth Considering: Divide and Conquer

Worth Considering

When was the last time you “split test” an appeal? You know, changed something (a “variable”), just to see if one seemingly insignificant iteration gets more gifts than what you usually do (the “control.”)? It could be a change in a envelope color, the text of one paragraph, an envelope style or anything else.

Split testing is a powerful, highly underutilized tool in direct response fundraising. You could be missing out in hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars each mailing because your donors think window envelopes aren’t “personal.” Split testing to see if a plain white envelope is better might get you 25 more donors. At your average gift is $41, that’s an extra $1,000 for your mission. Not shabby for an extra 30 minutes of work, huh?

So divide, and conquer your mailings with split testing… and multiply your results.

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