Monthly Tip: Donors, how do we love thee? Let me count the ways!

Hugg's Monthly Tip

Do your donors feel your love? February is a great time to show it. Of course, it’s the month of Valentine’s Day, and a number of nonprofits take this opportunity to send an “I love you” message. But do your donors know why you love them? Money? Just like with someone you are dating or marry, if it’s for money, it’s the wrong reason!

If not money, then what else? How about your shared interest in your mission? The money wouldn’t be there unless your donor shared your vision of a better world! Let ’em know that. Let ’em know that the reason you love them isn’t about you… and it’s not even about them (or their money). Your relationship is based on a mutual interest in the people or cause you serve. They’ll probably love that.

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