The Top 10 Reasons to Work With Matt Hugg

  1. Matt knows fundraising and what makes a document that promotes giving. His work is supported by his master’s degree in Philanthropy and Development and 25 years of successful experience.
  2. People enjoy what Matt writes. His writing is engaging and entertaining. It’s easy to pick up the message.
  3. Matt’s easy to work with. You are the client. His first aim is to make you happy with the product.
  4. Matt writes in a variety of forms so your documents work together for your mission. This includes:
    1. Annual reports
    2. Case statements
    3. Prospect interviews
    4. Letters from leadership
    5. Solicitation letters
    6. Web sites
    7. Webinars
    8. Marketing material
    9. Planned giving marketing material
    10. Solicitation e-mails
    11. And much, much more
  5. Matt is well networked. He can bring in an assortment of partners on a project to meet your needs.
  6. Matt makes deadlines. His objective is to have the product to you before it’s due.
  7. Matt represents you well. You won’t hesitate to send him to interview your biggest donor or your organization’s CEO. He knows how important a quality contact is to your next gift.
  8. Matt’s well read and creative. You want a writer who can bring a broad perspective to your mission.
  9. Matt digs into your mission so he can present it effectively.
  10. Matt works for you. Matt knows how a project can impact your career. He does his very best to make your colleagues and superiors say “great job on that piece!”