Time to change


No, this isn’t a missive about being time to change how you do things (although, if you feel you need to, please, consider this a nudge!) This is a note about a change in my world which I think we both can benefit from.

As of March 17, this “column” (this blog) moved over to the new NonProfit Pro magazine (formerly “Fundraising Success” magazine). I highly encourage you to subscribe. To find it, head to this link: http://www.fundraisingsuccessmag.com/channel/digging-deeper

NonProfit Pro is a magazine for those of you who are professional nonprofit leaders. Its content will include fundraising and more… and my blog, “Digging Deeper” will do the same. Yes, you’ll find some of the fundraising thoughts I’ve provided for the last several years to you, and you’ll see some new material based on what I teach and observe in the nonprofit world.

I look forward to “seeing” you at my new address: http://www.fundraisingsuccessmag.com/channel/digging-deeper

Best wishes,



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Hugg’s Monthly Tip: #2 tries harder

Hugg's Monthly Tip#2 tries harder: Have you identified your “second ask” projects?  A “second ask project” is what you solicit for once you get a gift in response to your primary ask of the giving cycle. For example, if you’re a relief organization and your primary ask is for child sponsorships, once you get a donor’s sponsorship, ask him or her for money for school books or clothing. The idea is that your current donors are your best donors – so keep them engaged through their next solicitation.  Make your list of “second ask projects” and get those letters ready.