10-4 Good Buddy… is Facebook a fad?

At about the time of the Facebook IPO, a related news story hit the wires that went something like this… “Half of those surveyed think that Facebook is probably a fad.”

You could almost hear the collective gasp… “Whew! ‘Dodged that bullet. Now I can ignore it, right?”


We’ve seen plenty of communications fads over the years. (If you know what “10-4 good buddy” means, you remember at least one.)

What’s that have to do with fundraising and marketing copywriting?

The point is that fad or not makes no difference. If half the people think it’s a fad that means that half the people surveyed think it’s NOT a fad. That means that half the people – those with Facebook – need to hear from you via Facebook – fad or not.

But it also means that half the people who think it’s a fad need to hear from you in a different way.

Complicated, I know. But you gotta do it. Like it or not we live in a world of “mass customization.” That’s okay, because the more you can talk to people “where they are” in terms of where they look for messages, and in terms of the message that resonates with them – the better results you’ll see in your fundraising.

Find out where your constituents are… Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr… and keep up.

10-4 Good Buddy!