Teaching & Instruction

Your mission deserves the most effective fundraising – your staff, your board, your volunteers – everyone’s a fundraiser, dedicated to making you the best at what you do.

But that doesn’t come by just wishing it true. They need education. They need training. They need Matt Hugg.

It’s rare to find someone who knows fundraising, and can teach it.

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That’s why since 2007 Eastern University’s School for Leadership and Development has named Matt Hugg their primary instructor for their classes in philanthropy and fundraising at their teaching sites around the world, including Philadelphia, Washington, Harrisburg, Rome, Phnom Penh, Kampala and Dakar.

It’s why the University of Pennsylvania’s Fels Institute of Government asked Matt to instruct their students on fundraising.

It’s the kind of instruction that your mission deserves.

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Does your staff need new skills?

Does your board need to learn their fundraising responsibilities?

Do your volunteers need to understand how they can best support your cause?


Your mission can get more than 25 years of direct fundraising experience, and a Masters in Philanthropy and Development from the St. Mary’s University of Minnesota by just clicking here. Matt’s engaging, interactive style helps your people see that they can raise money in the way that best suits their own, and your organization’s personality. Matt stresses a mission focused approach to fundraising that resonates with the solicitor and the donor.

You can get seminars on a variety of aspects of fundraising, such as:

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  • Direct Mail and New Media
  • Major Gift Solicitation
  • Planned Giving Basics
  • Planned Giving Marketing
  • Board Responsibilities
  • Volunteer Management
  • Nonprofit Marketing
  • and many more

What’s your first step to getting your board, your volunteers, and your staff “on the same page,” “singing the same tune,” “walking the right direction” for your mission’s success?

Start with quality instruction, and that starts by clicking here.